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Despite best efforts, sometimes, conflict is unavoidable, and litigation is necessary. When parties cannot settle a matter, a judge or jury must. Litigation is the legal world’s equivalent to war, and we have what it takes to win.

In litigation, preparation is paramount. Trial preparation starts during our initial consultation, where we discuss facts, develop goals, and plan strategy. We determine the costs of your goals in terms of time, money, and even relationships. If litigation is not in your best interest, we will explain the other paths available to you. After we consider all of your options and answer all of your questions, you will have a clear path forward.

Despite what the media may portray, only a small percent of lawsuits end in trial. Most settle. Many times, mediation facilitates settlement. Mediation helps people see problems from another perspective, and humanizes principled disputes.

If we win, then we can also help collect the judgment. Defeated opponents rarely write a check on the way out of the courthouse. Often, you must make them satisfy a judgment. Collecting can be a case unto itself, and is also something with which we are highly qualified to help you.

Throughout the litigation process, you are in charge. While our attorneys diligently present options and advice to you, you direct litigation. You determine goals, set parameters on tactics, set budgets, and decide whether to settle. At each step of your case, we keep you informed of what is happening and your options, so you can weigh costs and benefits and make the best decisions.

Litigation can be messy, difficult, and stressful for you. We always look for the appropriate solution for you, and attempt to avoid the legal warfare of litigation. If litigation is necessary, we will guide you and advocate for you from beginning to end. Our excellent advocacy will ease your burden and give you a great chance to prevail.

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