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Business Law

In today’s environment, a good business lawyer is a valuable asset. We provide the legal experience to guide you through opportunities, guard against risks, and resolve business disputes before they become legal battles. Below are several of the largest areas in which we practice, although certainly not the only areas. Please explore our offerings: we would love to be your “in house” business counsel!

Corporate Law

We will assist you in forming, organizing and documenting your corporations. Then, we will coach you through maintenance issues including asset protection, documenting annual meetings, and preparing resolutions for significant events. We provide advice on shareholder issues, conflict resolution, shareholder buy and sell agreements, and other governance issues. Good preventative work can help to avoid debilitating conflicts in the future. Contact us for more information.
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Limited Liability Companies

We frequently form limited liability companies, and will advise you on their role in your business.  From the creation of a cottage LLC, the rental LLC, or a family business, we will advise you on the proper documents to create and manage your LLC.  Many of the governance issues are similar to those of a corporation, others are unique to a limited liability company. Contact us for more information.
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Merger and Acquisitions

We are regularly called by our clients to guide them through transactions as they purchase or merge with another business. We deal with the tax, fiduciary duties, real estate, and practical issues to make the transaction as smooth as possible. Contact us for more information.
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Business Sale or Purchase

Our clients contact with us when they are looking to purchase a new business or sell their own business. We will work with your advisors to determine what documentation needs to be in order for your business entity, make sure that significant issues have been spotted and dealt with, and make sure that you are getting the best deal we can reasonably obtain. We guide you through transactions as you purchase or sell a business to make the transaction as smooth as possible. Contact us for more information.
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Contract Law

Many times we tell people not to sign something without having their attorney review it.  For some contracts, this is essential.  We also draft contracts for our clients, such as real estate purchase agreements, business agreements, consulting agreements, employment agreements, or even probate estate settlement agreements. Verspoor Waalkes also has significant experience in contract law litigation, such as insurance disputes, business agreement disputes, lease disputes and trust disputes. Contact us for more information.
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Succession Planning

Hopefully you will never need a succession plan because you will be able to sell or effectively transition your business before you pass away. But if you die prematurely, are disabled, or there are owner tensions or other significant issues, your business needs to be prepared. Your succession plan may involve a key employee, or maybe a trusted family member. It involves your estate plan, and often life insurance and tax issues need to be addressed. We review all of these with you in order to put together a coordinated plan that will provide for future contingencies and provide you peace of mind. Contact us for more information.
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Tax Law

As part of our business work, we regularly keep an eye on tax issues. Often clients will want to keep things simple but tax issues can make things much more complicated. We will assist you in walking through these thickets, often resulting in significant tax savings. Contact us for more information.
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Other Areas of Practice

Forming your company, governance issues, shareholder issues, succession planning, purchase or sale of a business, conflict resolution, and contract preparation and review are all areas where our attorneys provide experienced guidance and advice. Contact us for more information.
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