Family Law

A family law case is a turning point in life, when your children and property are in jeopardy.  We enjoy guiding you to a secure and better future.

Divorces are complicated, but you do not have to fear court.  A divorce can be 6 cases in one: you are asking a court to

  1. dissolve your marriage,
  2. divide your assets (including your debts),
  3. set spousal support,
  4. decide custody of your children,
  5. determine parenting time, and
  6. set child support.

Michigan has no fault divorce, so the dissolution of the marriage is easy.  Each of the other topics could require a lot of work to resolve.

Paternity, custody, parenting time, support, and change of domicile matters are more focused than divorces, but there is still a lot to do.  For example, there are 12 custody factors to argue in a custody case, and the Michigan Child Support Formula is complicated.

In every family law matter, preparation produces success. From the first meeting, we prepare for trial. Right away, we explain the process and discuss your goals. Together, we form a solid plan and stick to it.

Along the way to trial, we try every appropriate means of resolving disputes to avoid trial. Trials are unpredictable, expensive, and normally avoidable. We do what will work to achieve your goals.

Throughout the process, we enjoy collaboration. We constantly communicate with you. We listen. We empower you, so you can choose the best course. We work hard to swiftly resolve the case. We look forward to helping you.