Verspoor Waalkes Collections LawMuch of what Verspoor Waalkes’ business attorneys do is focused on keeping your business predictable and unsurprising. After all, while some surprises are great, legal ones are not! When surprises arise, we are still here to help. Often, this is where our collections attorneys step in.

Despite the best management efforts, clients do not pay and a business requires assistance in collecting receivables and preserving creditor rights. In these tough situations, our attorneys aggressively protect and enforce your rights to collect the money owed to you.

Here are some collections areas in which we practice. Please contact us with further questions; we would be honored to help!

Construction Liens

A construction lien is a valuable method for securing payment from the owner of a project. The Michigan Construction Lien Act provides special remedies for contractors, suppliers, laborers, and design professionals who perform services or provide materials to improve real estate. The Lien Act provides the construction lien as a special security interest against the real estate.

Several documents must be properly recorded and executed for a construction lien to be lawful and enforceable. These documents include notice of furnishing, sworn statement, waivers, claim of lien, and notice of lis pendens. They are critical for both preserving and enforcing construction lien rights. Our attorneys are experienced in securing lien rights, and foreclosing the liens when necessary.
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Collection Litigation

When customers or clients fail to pay significant bills and invoices, a lawsuit is often an unavoidable step to obtaining the money that is owed. Our focus is on business to business collections, but we will also handle collections from individuals where significant amounts are involved. Our clients are both large and small businesses: landlords, condominium management, construction industry suppliers, wholesalers, tool and die companies, automotive businesses, and a variety of other fields. We collect debts which arise from accounts receivable, promissory notes, loans, and sales agreements.
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Judgment Liens

The plaintiff in a successful lawsuit often obtains a judgment. A judgment, however, is no guarantee of immediate payment. Our experienced collection attorney can assist you in collecting the funds that are due to you under a judgment by utilizing wage garnishments, bank garnishments, levy and execution, real property liens, tax liens, and a variety of other methods.
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